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two hotel trends you'll want to bring home

A pink-hued seating area/Courtesy: Voila! Creative Studio/A pink-hued seating area designed by Voila! Creative Studio.

Returning home from vacation rife with inspiration is part of the magic of a trip. Just ask Katrien Van der Schueren, an art historian, artist, designer and all-around creative with Los Angeles-based Voila! Creative Studio, who has collaborated with hospitality clients like Soho House, and The Four Seasons.

People want to "experience authenticity," she says. "The hotel is the destination in a way, and gives you a sense that you are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It's the ultimate rejuvenating experience for mind and body." Katrien shares some of the colors and moods trending in hotel design right now. Take note!

Earth tone mural/Courtesy: Voila! Creative Studio/A soothing earth-toned mural.

Calming Colors

"Anything that makes you happy or calm is in right now," declares Katrien. "Colorful touches in soft greens, yellows, and oranges alternate with bolder deeper pops of Klein blue, for example. Of course, there is also an emphasis on a natural and organic feel, so warm calming hues are combined with the happier colors."

"The effects of colors on the psyche have shown more importance than ever now that we all have been spending so much more time in our homes than before," she explains, "and that clearly shows in the color selections."

Outdoor area featuring pink background and plants/Courtesy: Voila! Creative Studio/Indoor-outdoor living spaces, like this bright space designed by Voila! Creative Studio, will continue to influence home design.

The Great Outdoors

"Bringing the outdoors indoors has definitely been a trend that accelerated fast," explains Katrien. "Small, secluded resorts—high-end or not—in easily accessible areas are definitely in high demand as a hospitality trend. The design consists of openness, spaces with a lot of light, and high ceilings, spaces where one can breathe."

An earth-toned bedroom/Courtesy: Douglas Friednman/A bedroom designed by Voila! Creative Studio embraces both trends: soothing colors, and outdoor views.

"Colors and materials are all connected to earth and the elements. Natural fibers are used," she says, as are "primitive art, clay colors, and warm hues that are reminiscent of the outdoor elements and the earth." Other hues include "pastels, like an earthy pink or a pastel mint green," she explains.

Sufficiently inspired? Scroll down to see how some of these colors look on the virtual wall.

start with samples

Ready to take some of those suggestions? Get started by sampling! Shop some of the hues mentioned in this story and see what they look like on your wall.

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