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the world's "whitest white" paint debuts

White paint on wall/Photography: Mathilde Langevin/A new white paint (not pictured), developed by artist Stuart Semple, is said to be the world's whitest white.

Have you heard the latest in color news? British artist Stuart Semple, who has also claimed to have developed the blackest black paint and the pinkest pink paint, says that his latest product, "White 2.0," is the "whitest white paint," according to a recent interview with online design magazine Dezeen

White 2.0 doesn't target the home; the white paint, which is available for sale on the artist's site, is designed for artists' use. 

The artist says it's 50 percent brighter than the world's best-selling white paint, telling Dezeen, "It really is the brightest white paint I've ever seen, and I couldn’t believe it when the lab results came back to say it was 50 percent brighter than any other." It's crafted from an acrylic base with resins, mattifiers, and brighteners, which help the paint reflect 99.98 percent of light, creating a strikingly bright impact.

Purdue University engineers developed a white paint, designed for industrial use, that reflects a staggering 95.5 percent of sunlight and could possibly reduce the need for air conditioning.

"We drew inspiration from the ghost beetle, but we also looked at luminescence in plants and natural whites that reflect light across the whole visible spectrum," the artist told Dezeen of his process. "We looked at surfaces that diffused light, not just from nature but human-made materials like the barium paints that were used as early as the 15th century, by the likes of artists like Caravaggio." Read the full story.


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