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the color trends that'll be everywhere in the new year

Green room with chairs/Photography: Mathias Adam/Greens are definitely trending for the year to come. Most of the major paint brands this year declared a variation of green as their color of the year for 2022.

What's coming down the paint pike in the year to come? Paint consultant and former PPG Paints colorist and trend expert Dee Schlotter weighs in with a professional take on the trends in color and design that we can expect to see in the new year. 

And, if you missed it, check out her year-end recap of 2021's hues!

Green is trending. 

For 2022, the greens are rising and almost reaching the popularity of bluesBiophilic design—incorporating nature in your space—means more greens with the use of more natural, organic, and sustainable materials, like wood, bamboo, cane, seagrass, and macrame.


... And so are certain accent colors. 

Aquamarine (blue-greens) are also popular, but the one key accent color for 2022 is pink, both saturated fuchsias and soft pinks with a peachy mix. Browns are very big, from gray-beige to light beige to dark browns. 

"Mood-boosting colors" are on the rise. 

With the 3D, immersive experience platform of Meta, expect to see more interest in those big, mood-boosting colors: fuchsia, teal, strawberry red and Klein blue. Layering, and mixing and matching of these colors can really add some happiness to the space. It may only be one wall in a space, or an interior door or nook. These are great areas to introduce these big colors and add some happiness and interest to a space.

Street art featuring woman's face/Photography: Enzo Tomassi/Bold colors and Gen Z's street style will impact color trends in the year to come.


Street culture will influence color trends. 

Gen Z and all their street culture loves the bright colors that offer fun and escapism. This group has had it tough with COVID, some losing their senior high school or college first year of significant milestones—this weighed heavily on them, and they love the antidote of acting out with bigger colors

Nature will have a big say in color, too. 

Fear and conquering fear with hope and resiliency, well-being, and sustainability found in more biophilic, nature design. The popularity of WELL and International Living Futures Institute certifications with architects and designers is pushing the need for more biophilic and sustainable design. 

Room with plants/Photography: Amit Lahav/Biophilic design will further take root in the year to come.

Pining away for times gone by will impact color popularity

Nostalgia—looking back to better times to find comfort and solutions, and building better, more connected communities with family, neighbors, and cities—[will impact color choice]. 

Color will be used to set distinct boundaries between work and life in the home. 

Our relationship with our living spaces continues to be so different than before COVID, with our homes being so much more than they used to be. Noticeable paint colors can be used to identify boundaries between our work space and our relaxing space, creating a "not so open space" concept.

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