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how to prep for your next paint project

Couple painting a room/Photography: Maria Ovchinnikova/Start prepping so you can get to the fun part—the painting!

Tony Jarvis—the New York decorative painter who outlined a quick, six-step plan of attack for painting your kitchen—is back with some easy tips for tackling your next paint project. 

1. "Schedule a few days for the project," says Tony. Paint drying time will vary based on the type of paint you're using, and the ventilation, humidity, and temperature in your home, but even for faster-drying paints, it's ideal to go slowly and allot for extra time to correct potential mistakes. 

2. "Pick color samples and put them on the walls. Live with them for a few days," says Tony. Notice how the colors change throughout the day as the light in the room shifts. 

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3. "Declutter and get rid of old stuff you don’t love anymore. Yes, Marie Kondo is onto something," says Tony of the minimalism advocate and organization expert. "Create a nice, clean space to work in." 

4. Lastly, "Protect surfaces!" advises Tony. Remove furniture and other valuable items. Protect floors with construction paper taped down with blue tape, or plastic drop cloths. 

Ready to start painting? Get sampling—and then keep reading for more tips from the pros on how to paint your home. 

start sampling!

Ready to play with color? Get started by sampling! Shop some of our favorite hues and see what they look like on your wall.

Decorator's WhiteBenjamin Moore

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