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farmhouse decor declines, boho on the rise

White wall with decorative bathtub and plants/Photography: Beazy/Boho-style decor is trending now, according to a recent Realtor.com report.

Is modern farmhouse finally on its way out? It seems that way. Realtor.com has released a deep analysis of Google search trends data in a bid to understand what home decor trends will lead this year, and styles like Hollywood glam and modern farmhouse appear to be on the outs. 

Boho bed/Photography: Cole Keister/A boho-style bedroom.

Boho still trending

Searches for boho decor have more than quadrupled since 2017. What counts as boho style, exactly? "An eclectic mix of practical, homemade items and fun-loving, artsy decor" are hallmarks, notes Realtor.com, with pieces like rattan furniture, woven rugs, creative wall hangings and neutral colors leading the way. 

Cottage dining room/Photography: Maria Orlova/Cottagecore design—a style informed by cottage and rural living—is experiencing a wave of popularity currently.

Cottagecore replacing farmhouse

Cottagecore design is all the rage, with the search term exploding in popularity during the pandemic. Taylor Swift's "Folklore" album also helped the trend takeoff, particularly among the Gen Z/millennial social media set. When applied to design, the aesthetic emphasizes a simple, sometimes rural, way of life, and a commitment to coziness and family. 


Brightly colored sofa/Photography: Max Vakhtbovych/This multi-patterned, many-colored sofa is one example of maximalist design.

Maximalist moves in

Minimalism is fading out of style, and maximalism—which was "barely on people’s radars until 2021," according to Realtor.com—is on the up-and-up. "Unlike Hollywood glamour, maximalism is more about surrounding yourself with things you love, rather than showing off. This means combining decor pieces that mean something to you, no matter how crazy, mismatched, or over the top they may seem." 

Styles on the way out

The trendiness of Modern Farmhouse is plateauing, and its being replaced in part by Cottagecore. When it comes to Hollywood Glam's decline, notes Realtor.com, the pandemic is in part to blame: "Keeping in line with the trend toward simpler living, decadence and glamour are on their way out of style. After nearly two years of living in sweats and slippers, folks are apparently seeking out simpler styles in their homes as well." 



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