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an easy hack for the perfect bedroom accent wall

A pink-hued bedroom featuring a wallpapered accent wall/Photographer: Karyn Millet/A home in Newport Beach, California designed by Hovie Interiors features a pink-hued wallpapered accent wall in one of the children's bedrooms.

Don’t sleep on the accent wall—actually, sleep in front of it! For those wary of trying the trend, Bruce Fox, a designer based in Chicago, has a super simple pro tip for DIYing a luxury accent wall in the bedroom: Put the accent wall behind your headboard.

Accent wall in a green and pink floral pattern/Photographer: Aaron Leitz/A child's room designed by Anna Thomassen features an Art Nouveau accent wall.

sample complementary colors

Bruce says, "Often, clients cannot conceive of putting a bold color or pattern in an entire room, especially if the room is small. An accent wall is a way to bring a wow factor to a space while at the same time keeping the rest of the room more calm."

Accent wall in a dark green pattern/Photographer: HARIS KENJAR/A bedroom featuring a headboard wall pattern.

But how do you achieve that? "This is especially important in a bedroom," acknowledges Bruce. "If you accent the headboard wall you, you get the ‘wow’ but never lay awake at night staring at it!" There you have it: Decide which wall your headboard will be flush against. That’s your new accent wall space. Then, start by sampling paint and wallpaper you love.

An accent wall with geometric wallpaper/Photographer: Christopher Stark/A bedroom accent wall features wallpaper, designed by the Loczi Design Group. 

Mixing paint and pattern is key. For determining a balance of pattern and color, Bruce recommends, "Everything in an interior is about balance: balance of color, of texture, of contrast. I always feel you always need a little ‘tension’ in an interior to make it come alive so am mindful of that when putting together the paint/wallpaper scheme for a project." Try out a mix of paint and wallpaper samples to see what sticks!

get the look

Swipe right on some of our favorite accent wall wallpaper samples.

Crystal Tie-Dye, IndigoMaya Romanoff

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