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colors of cartagena inspire new sherwin-williams and disney collab

A bright street with colorful doors/Photography: Ricardo Gomez Angel/The colors of Cartagena, Colombia inspired Disney's new animated film, Encanto.

Sherwin-Williams has begun a color collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studios on Encanto, a new animated movie about a family and their magical home in the mountains of Colombia, Casa Madrigal. The paint titan draws inspiration from the film in its new palettes, with 26 Sherwin-Williams colors based on the film's characters.  

"The new animated feature Encanto shines a colorful spotlight on what we at Sherwin-Williams truly believe, that our homes are a magical world waiting to be explored," says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, in a statement. "This colorful collaboration between Encanto and the world of paint is sure to inspire anyone looking to sprinkle some magic in their home."

Encanto movie colors/Credit: © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, courtesy of Sherwin-Williams./Gem tones take precedence in Sherwin-Williams's latest collaboration, a 26-paint palette inspired by Disney's latest movie.

A certain level of color psychology plays into the hues. As associate production designer for the film, Lorelay Bove told the paint brand's blog, Tinted, "Casa Madrigal is a multigenerational home that’s shared between Mirabel’s abuela, her parents, Julieta and Agustín, her sisters, her aunt and uncle, Pepa and Félix, and her cousins so there were a lot of different personas to be brought to life. We chose cooler jewel tones for Julieta and Agustín’s side of the family because it tied in with their nurturing and thoughtful personalities. Julieta is an understanding mother with the power to heal through food, so a turquoise color palette, as well as healing herbs and iconography embroidered on her skirt, captured the sense of calm she brings to the family. Agustín, Mirabel’s father, has a dark blue color palette since he is from the city, where people tend to dress in darker colors." 

In their quest for inspiration, the color team also looked at cities including Cartagena and Salento, which are both known for their bright, colorful doors and windows. 

We won’t ruin the film for you or the little ones in your life, but we can share some of those paint colors. The list includes five palettes, for each of the main characters, with some of the colors including Jargon Jade, Cayenne, Courtyard, Mountain Air, Escapade Gold, Electric Lime, and Morning Glory. (See the full list here.) 

"The collaboration with Sherwin-Williams on Encanto really brings the colorful story of Casa Madrigal to life in an elegant way," says Jan Coleman, vice president–global partnerships, promotions and multicultural at Walt Disney Studios, in a statement. "We could not be more excited to partner with another great storyteller in Sherwin-Williams to extend the story into homes."

start sampling!

Browse a handful of the Sherwin-Williams colors that made it onto the Disney palette, and see how they look in your home. 


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