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7 color questions with designer kd reid

A wall with artwork/Photography: Ariel Camilo/Interior designer KD Reid takes us through his color choices in a recent project.

New York designer KD Reid is the latest designer to share his take on all things paint color. Read on to hear about how KD uses color to transform spaces, what paints he loves most, and what we can expect to see trending in the paint world this year (spoiler alert: yes, green is very much in!).  

A living space with blue painted ceiling/Photography: Ariel Camilo/This 'modern treehouse' design by KD Reid emphasizes color and pattern with a bold blue painted ceiling as the focal point.

What are your predictions for popular paint colors in 2022?

Olive greens, blues, and other saturated earth tones will be commonly used in the coming year, because they evoke a sense of serenity and comfort. These hues are a new set of neutrals that evoke feelings of nostalgia.

What are some of your favorite uses of paint in your recent projects?

Painting the ceiling brought a sense of depth and warmth to the space pictured here, where I used a jewel-toned blue to create a homey ambiance.



Tell us more about the space pictured here—and how color was the star of the room.

The room was influenced by the natural terrain surrounding it, and the dramatic blue color was used to anchor the ceiling, creating a cocooning place of warmth and textures.

A painted alcove/Photography: Ariel Camilo/An elegant, painted accent wall by designer KD Reid.

What are your favorite paints: white, pink, blue, neutral, and bold?

White: Benjamin Moore Antique White

Pink: Benjamin Moore Palazzo Pink

Blue: Sherwin-Williams Poolhouse

Neutral: Behr Gray Mist

Bold: Sherwin-Williams Copper Pot

When in your design process do you choose paints? 

When it comes to choosing a paint, I usually start with an inspiration piece—like wallpaper or a fabric I plan to incorporate in the design.

A wallpapered nook/Photography: Ariel Camilo/A wallpapered nook exerts major impact.

How do you determine paint finish? 

Deciding between flat and gloss relies on the function of the area as well as how much natural light it receives.

Are there any particular challenges you have when it comes to selecting paint? How do you overcome “bad” paint experiences?

The good news is that paint is a design element that can be changed in a single day. Color is one of my strong suits, but it can be difficult to portray such a vibrant palette to a client who may not be able to see the finished product. Samples are an excellent way to ease a client into a new hue. 


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