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7 color questions with atlanta designer lesley myrick

Floral wallpaper wall/Photography: Jeff Jones/A colorful home office features a floral accent wall designed by Lesley Myrick.

Every designer has their favorites! In our new Color Questions series, we ask professional interior designers for their takes on the colors they return to time and time again. This week, we sit down virtually with Lesley Myrick, an Atlanta- and Macon, Georgia-based designer known for balancing bold color choice and subtle style. 

What's your secret hack for choosing interior paint? 

Look for a muted, dulled-down version of the color you love. I know, it sounds so boring to choose a dull color! But it will look fabulous on the wall.

On my Sherwin-Williams paint deck I almost exclusively specify colors from the Neutrals section and stay far away from the Color section, even though they're what I'm drawn to first. This might surprise people as I love bold, saturated color, but when applied to a wall, the more subdued colors are typically more successful. I find that oversaturated colors look great on a swatch and even on a painted piece of furniture, but too juvenile and cutesy on a large scale.

A dresser against a navy wall/Photography: Jeff Jones/A thoughtful nook in a deep navy bedroom designed by Lesley.

Any pro tips for choosing exterior colors? 

To choose outdoor colors, it's important to consider the color of your roof. You might want a modern gray and white-painted exterior, but if your roof is reddish-brown, it's not going to be successful. Paint is easy to change, but a roof isn't! When choosing interior colors you need to consider the color and undertone of your flooring; and when choosing exterior colors you need to work with the color and undertone of your roofing material.

Name some of your tried-and-true, fail-safe colors. 

Sherwin-Williams's Dark Night is my absolute favorite paint color. I've used it in two of my own homes, as well as several clients' homes too! It's deep and rich, and feels like the room is hugging you.

Sherwin-Williams's Extra White is my go-to white for doors, trim, and millwork. If a home has creamy, outdated trim, this white really freshens things up without looking too cool or blue. It works just as well in newer construction as it does in historic homes.

Sherwin-Williams's Accessible Beige is a secret weapon! For clients that want modern gray walls but are limited by existing finishes (like warm-toned wood or off-white countertops), this beige plays nicely with warmer wood tones while also leaning just a bit gray. It's a happy compromise for clients who want their wall color to look current and also work with what they have. 

Blue and white kitchen/Photography: Jeff Jones/A chic, neutral kitchen with deep blue accents.

Speaking of trim, do you have any favorite trim colors?

I'm a sucker for classic white molding and trim, and that tends to be my default for most projects. However, I'm loving the current trend of adding a bold color to millwork and trim, and recently completed a kitchen design with sunny yellow trim on the windows and cased openings. 

Wallpaper: Friend or foe? 

I'm obsessed with wallpaper! I know that so many people are frustrated by tearing down bad wallpaper from the 1950s, but I can't get enough of it and keep installing it in clients' homes. I'm drawn to bold, large-scale florals and modern abstract patterns.

A yellow and gray bedroom/Photography: Lesley Myrick Interior Design/A calming yellow and gray bedroom uses gentle pops of color to peaceful affect.

Do you like accent walls?

An accent wall can be successful in the right room, but typically I prefer to wallpaper all four walls or the ceiling. A wallpapered ceiling is a fun, unexpected accent and a definite conversation-starter.

Spill your color-combo secrets! Which colors tend to work best together? 

Bedroom: Blue Peacock, mustard yellow, and white.

Kitchen: Bright teal, soft gray, and white with a shot of hot pink.

Living room: Khaki, teal, and cognac.

Bathroom: Black and white with a bold color—like Kelly green or bright blue.

start sampling!

Ready to play with color? Get started by sampling! Shop some of Lesley's favorite hues and see what they look like your walls.

Extra WhiteSherwin-Williams

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