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3 colorful insights from a bold rug designer

Bold colorful rug panel/All photography: Kyle Bunting/With over 125 available colorways, luxury rugmaker Kyle Bunting's work is color-centric.

As a luxury rug maker, Kyle Bunting is known for his vibrant range and hyper-chic hues. His studio offers 125-plus color options for hide rugs, walls, pillows, and upholstery, with materials that are double-dyed for saturation, to "add depth to the work," in Kyle's words. Below, we quiz the design mastermind on some of our favorite color questions. 

Walk us through your creative process. How do you approach color?

Color for us is a resource, and with our extensive range, an asset to our clients.  We approach color with the idea that any combination can be beautiful, and have interactive online tools that help designers visualize color combinations and palettes before finalizing the design.

Custom rug



When do you begin thinking about color in the design process? 

Our process is foundational, so for us it's interpreting the client's point-of-view and assisting in that. We don't drive the color decision—they do. Thus, it truly becomes a collaboration between the client, designers, and our internal engineering team. Between design and trend, this collaboration defines for use the highest potential for color in new work.


Geometric print rug


Any examples of interiors that were designed around your rugs?

Designers may plan to enlist us in their projects but ultimately the space is designed first around their vision. That way, our work becomes an element that can be tailored for the space. I think that's an important distinction. We're makers, another asset in the designer's tool kit. 

Still, we've been called "the trophy in the room" more than once, and I believe that's because we listen carefully and embrace new perspectives, allowing us to create pieces that reflect the design intent of the room.

Monochromatic blue rug


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